Xenophobic States of America

Jeremy Bergantini

Jeremy Bergantini served in the US Army and deployed to Iraq from 2008-2009. I dabbled in writing when I was in high school, and thanks to PCVI I am beginning to explore it again. I’m not profound, just a man making a sound (squeaky wheels get the grease…). Hopefully, my words will help someone, somehow.

Xenophobic States of America

Welcome to this great country
Now get the fuck away from me
We don’t like those of your kind
And we don’t need your “brilliant mind”

I see someone not the same
That means you must be to blame
For everything that’s yet to pass,
And prior bodies piled en-masse

This is the home of the “brave”
Built upon the backs of slaves
On lands stolen from native tribes
With words recorded by racist scribes

But if you ask, we’ll say “That’s not true!”
And proceed to blame some random Jew
It’s everyone’s fault but our own!
That is how we keep, our happy home

So go live somewhere away from me
In individual communities
Don’t mingle your kids with mind
Or very quickly, I’ll be doing time

That’s if the cops don’t take my side
And thank me for skinning your ugly hide
See, they’re all my brothers under the hood
And we’re working together for the “greater good”

Please, come and live in the land of the free
And pay no mind to the burning cross on your property
That doesn’t mean you’re not welcome here
So long as you have a very healthy fear

– Jeremy Bergantini