The Returned

Jeremy Bergantini

Jeremy Bergantini served in the US Army and deployed to Iraq from 2008-2009. I dabbled in writing when I was in high school, and thanks to PCVI I am beginning to explore it again. I’m not profound, just a man making a sound (squeaky wheels get the grease…). Hopefully, my words will help someone, somehow.

The Returned

We are the broken
The damaged
The ones that you ignore

You tell us “Thanks,
For your service”
With words of emptiness

Medals that we wear
Tell of “Valor” and
Of things we dare not speak

We are the tired
The empty
The ones who’ve lost our souls

You throw parades
And say our names
But nothing fills the void

No more
Empty gestures
Or hollow words to win a vote

Look in our eyes
Ok know our stories
Hook yourself up to the yoke.

– Jeremy Bergantini