Veteran Voices 2022

Veteran Voices 2022 Full Video

This is the second Veteran Voices event hosted by Trinity Rep in Providence, RI, as part of their Green Light Ghost Light Project. The event features performances, music, and readings from local veterans about their time during and after military service. Many of these stories are told by members of the Providence Clemente Veterans’ Initiative (PCVI). Please consider supporting PCVI and referring others to this transformational program that makes a significant impact on the lives of veterans.

Many thanks go to the Trinity Repertory Company for putting this event on and being an integral part of PCVI programming! More info about Trinity can be found at

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How We Died – Jeremy Bergantini

I want to start by taking a moment to truly thank you all for taking time from your evening to be here with us tonight at “Veteran’s Voices: A Green Light, Ghost Light” event. Your willingness to give us your time is so much more meaningful than repeating an empty phrase. I want you all to think of something for me. I want you to think of an animal, cats in particular. Now, I want you to think about the phrase “cats have nine lives”.

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Veteran Voices 2021

Many PCVI veterans spoke at the Veteran Voices event put on by Trinity Rep on November 6, 2021. This event was all about connecting with the community through art and their writing. This is the full recording of that event.

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