Ross B., US Navy vet

I joined PCVI and it’s helped me to begin to understand the nature of that Weight…that necessarily rests on the shoulders of every service member who makes it out alive…We discuss art, poetry, philosophy, and history, starting all the way back from Ancient Greece and coming up to the modern day. But we don’t just talk about war, we talk about veterans, and movements, and revolutions, and the effects those things have on the world and on ourselves. We acknowledge the Weight, we attempt to define it, and show its curves and its points and its edges, and by doing so, together, we also help to lift its burden from one another. PCVI is a group of veterans discussing the philosophical nature of the word that defines and unifies us, and which many of us felt separated us from others, and sometimes even from each other. By engaging unflinchingly with this material, both mentally and socially, PCVI brings forth meaningful discussion on both an emotional and an intelligence level that one would be hard pressed to find in any form of school or therapy alone. Simply put, it is both, and its value cannot be stated in dollars, but rather can only be understood through the changes it invokes in the lives of those it touches. PCVI exists to help lift the Weight, and is an uncommon good in a world that is often far too heavy to bear.